48th PLMA Conference

48th PLMA Conference Full Monday Agenda

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Stacy Philips, Duke Energy Conference Co-Chair
Stacy Phillips

Duke Energy
Mike Mazzola, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Conference Co-Chair
Mike Mazzola

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Aaron Gold, Honeywell Smart Energy Conference Co-Chair
Vince Iamunno

Honeywell Smart Energy
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Full Agenda

Monday, November 6

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7:30 - 9:00 am Shared Evolution Training & Interest Group Breakfast | Grand Ballroom AB
8:30 am - 4:00 pm

TRAINING: DR to DER Evolution Class | Tryon Room

Concurrent Interest Group Activities
Join the PLMA Interest Groups for candid, interactive roundtable discussions with the utilities and vendors who are actively engaged in flexible load management. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from and share with peers on their successes and challenges.
9:00 - 11:00 am

Realizing Tomorrow’s Reliable Grid: Virtual Power Plant Workshop for Utilities
Virtual power plants are a valuable utility resource for advancing key grid objectives including reliability, affordability, and decarbonization. In this interactive workshop, utilities will gain insights from currently deployed VPPs, including implementation challenges and successes experienced by utilities and their VPP vendor partners. Discussions will explore barriers and solutions to both deploying and scaling VPPs, plus available DOE resources, and industry partner support.

Adam Light, Portland General Electric Adam Light
TRC Companies
Speaker Bio
Stacy Phillips, Duke Energy Stacy Phillips
Duke Energy
Speaker Bio
Kevin Brehm, Rocky Mountain Institute Kevin Brehm
Rocky Mountain Institute
Speaker Bio
Kirsten Millar, Virtual Peaker Kirsten Millar
Virtual Peaker
Speaker Bio
Joe Bourg, Virtual Peaker Joe Bourg
Olivine Inc.
Speaker Bio
Mary Tobin, Rocky Mountain Institute Mary Tobin
Rocky Mountain Institute
Speaker Bio
Jennifer Downing, DOE Loan Programs Office Jennifer Downing
DOE Loan Programs Office
Speaker Bio
Vanessa Richter, Oracle Utilities Vanessa Richter
Oracle Utilities
Speaker Bio

What’s Old Is New Again: A Dive Into Current Thermal Energy Storage Technology and Customer Insights Into Curtailment Contracts
This session with include two distinct themes: The first is a showcase of current Thermal Energy Storage technologies and applications from a handful of solutions providers including a panel discussion.  The second will be a discussion with a long-time participant in Duke Energy’s large C&I demand response program called “PowerShare” where direct insights into program participation will be shared.

Jesse DeGrendel, CLEAResult Jesse DeGrendel
Speaker Bio
Liz Fitzpatrick, Michaels Energy Liz Fitzpatrick
Michaels Energy
Speaker Bio
Ysaël Desage, BrainBox AI Ysaël Desage
BrainBox AI
Speaker Bio

In this informal conversation, we invite anyone wrestling with major customer pain points to join us and help PLMA to identify new and evolving issues that fall into the category of “really challenging.” From managed charging to excessive DR events to EM&V (and everything in between), we’ll talk about possible approaches, what solutions have and haven’t helped, and review opportunities to address everyone’s key concerns through upcoming PLMA webinars and conference sessions.

Richard Phillip, PLMA Discussion Facilitator
Richard Phillip

Speaker Bio
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Shared Evolution Training & Interest Group Lunch | Grand Ballroom AB
12:00 - 2:00 pm

Navigating a Non-Linear Path Leveraging DERs for Flexible Load
Increased electrification, renewable energy, and extreme weather events are changing the way we distribute and deliver power, not just supply it. While the laws of physics are consistent, there are numerous variables related to the age, design, and load profiles of regional distribution systems; Not to mention the different energy demand, hardware/software infrastructure, and regulatory environment for each territory.

This "Spark DER as a Grid Resource" Strategic Initiative Session will start off with an introduction to advanced distribution management before doing some collaborative scenario planning to navigate the different variables, followed by some examples of real-world valuation of grid services values, IT systems, and delivery models.

Eric Van Orden, Virtual Peaker Eric Van Orden
Virtual Peaker
Speaker Bio

Reading Through the Haze: Forecasting the Coming EV Adoption Curves and Grid Impacts
Utilities from across the country are forecasting when and how EVs will impact the electric grid. Similar to a magic mirror, forecasts don’t always match reality. During this session, Utilities will dive into their own (varying) EV adoption forecasts as well as their associated grid impacts. Evaluators will contribute to the conversation by discussing the challenges to forecasting EV loads and how to mitigate these going forward.

Gideon Katsh, National Grid Gideon Katsh
National Grid
Speaker Bio
Jim Musilek, NCEMC Jim Musilek
Speaker Bio
Jay Oliver, Duke Energy Jay Oliver
Duke Energy
Speaker Bio
Shane Mathers, Baltimore Gas & Electric Shane Mathers
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Speaker Bio

Maximizing Demand Flexibility Leveraging Real Time Pricing
This session will explore the concept of demand flexibility and the potential of leveraging real-time pricing to maximize its benefits. We will discuss real-time pricing programs, pilots that have been deployed, and research around broad scale deployment.

The potential for cost savings and peak reduction is the main benefit that will be highlighted. The technological advancements and infrastructure requirements necessary to support real-time pricing, including smart metering and advanced data analytics. The session will also address the importance of consumer education and engagement in maximizing the benefits of demand flexibility and real-time pricing.

Attendees will gain practical strategies and recommendations for implementing or enhancing real-time pricing programs.

Join us to explore how maximizing demand flexibility leveraging real-time pricing can transform the energy landscape and shape a more efficient and sustainable future.

Jingjing Liu, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Jingjing Liu
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Speaker Bio
Jordan Folks, Opinion Dynamics Jordan Folks
Opinion Dynamics
Speaker Bio
Maria Kretzing, Bidgely Maria Kretzing
Speaker Bio
Christopher Gallo, Consolidated Edison Chris Gallo
Consolidated Edison
Speaker Bio
2:00 - 2:30 pm Shared Evolution Training & Interest Group Break | Providence Foyer
2:30 - 4:00 pm

Decarbonization Through Load Management Interactive Workshop
The Decarbonization through Load Management strategic initiative focuses on demonstrating the role of load flexibility in decarbonizing the energy system. In this interactive workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in an open dialogue with a diverse group of industry professionals on topics including quantifying decarbonization impacts, balancing decarbonization goals with reliability and affordability, and more. Through this discussion, we hope to gather new and various perspectives to inform future goals and activities for the initiative.

Dave Alspector, Tierra Resource Consultants Dave Alspector
Tierra Resource Consultants
Speaker Bio
McGee Young, Watt Carbon McGee Young
Watt Carbon
Speaker Bio
Ruth Kiselewich, ICF Ruth Kiselewich
Speaker Bio

Resilience as a Service
Be prepared to take an active role in this workshop! We'll explore current RaaS program efforts and discuss this emerging concept, starting with examples of where RaaS is being deployed and why. Then in small groups, we'll explore some of the other problems RaaS might solve, barriers to its implementation, and the connected devices that could facilitate its participation. Each group will present its ideas, culminating in a discussion of how to create blueprints for successful RaaS implementations.

JT Thompson, Generac Grid Services Facilitator J.T. Thompson
Generac Grid Services
Speaker Bio
Derek Kirchner, TRC Companies Derek Kirchner
TRC Companies
Speaker Bio

Aging Infrastructure, Islands, and EVs: Surprising Lessons from India

While the U.S. often leads the world in technology and energy innovations, we also have much to learn from other countries. We’ll explore challenges the challenges faced by both the most populous country on the globe, India, and also by the U.S. These include managing an aging and strained electric grid, the issues created by “electricity islands,” and the complexity of accommodating millions of new EVs. Join us to learn about the innovations happening within India’s energy sector and how this knowledge might apply here.

Giri Iyer, Sentient Energy Giri Iyer
Sentient Energy
Speaker Bio
Michael Brown, Berkshire Hathaway, NV Energy Michael Brown
Berkshire Hathaway, NV Energy
Speaker Bio
Scott Coe, GridOptimize Scott Coe
Speaker Bio
Ross Malme, Malme Energy Consulting Ross Malme
Kitu Systems
Speaker Bio
Jon Hilowitz, Orange and Rockland Utilities Jon Hilowitz
Orange and Rockland Utilities
Speaker Bio
4:00 - 5:00 pm PLMA Monday Meetup | Grand Promenade
If you've been with us all day in Interest Group sessions or the training class, it's time for a well-deserved break! Come and catch up with friends and colleagues on the day's learnings!
5:00 - 5:45 pm Conference First Timers' Welcome! | Grand Promenade
If this is your first PLMA Conference, join us for a fun opportunity to meet and get to know some fellow first timers!
5:00 - 6:15 pm Board of Directors Meeting | Grand Ballroom AB
This twice-annual meeting is for all PLMA Board Members and At-Large Representatives listed at www.peakload.org/Leadership, and will review progress and opportunities from across the organization.
8:00 - 10:00 pm

NEW! Monday Welcome Reception & Solutions Expo at the Mint Museum
Join us for an evening celebration with great networking and delicious food!

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Reception Entertainment Sponsors: OATI Elexity