Customer Engagement Interest Group

Customer Engagement Interest Group

Women in Demand Management

The PLMA Customer Engagement Interest Group will address key areas of customer engagement for demand response programs. The group will focus primarily on the best practices to connect with customers (residential, commercial/industrial, and irrigation) and educate on offerings, whether technology-based, behavior change, dynamic rates, etc. This includes verbiage, techniques, communication vehicles, and other elements as appropriate, to take communication to a higher level where it becomes a two-way interaction. Specifically, the group will focus on the following key areas:

  • Customer experience;
  • Customer journey;
  • Mass personalization;
  • Personas;
  • Holistic approaches;
  • Targeted messaging; and
  • Customer satisfaction.

This new Customer Engagement Interest Group will produce DR Dialogues and pre-conference workshops, attracting papers and presentations from utilities, trade allies, and consultants actively involved in the DR issues described above. The three founding co-chairs will be Andrea Simmonsen, Idaho Power; Meridith Nierenberg, Orange and Rockland; and Sharyn Barata, Opinion Dynamics.

We will actively solicit papers from current and prospective new PLMA members, as we believe this topic will open up new interest from multiple utilities engaged in or increasing demand response and demand management programs as well as from organizations moving into DR.

Group Leadership

Andrea Simmonsen, Idaho Power
Andrea Simmonsen
Idaho Power

Sharyn Barata, Opinion Dynamics
Sharyn Barata
Opinion Dynamics

Scott Jarman, Austin Energy
Scott Jarman
Austin Energy

Tracy Schmidt, Tennessee Valley Authority
Tracy Schmidt
Tennessee Valley Authority

Upcoming Activities

Join the Customer Engagement Interest Group Pre-Conference Meeting
at the 39th PLMA Conference in Minneapolis, May 13, 2019

All registered attendees for the Interest Group Activities are invited to attend the Interest Group Meeting.

Archived Activities

Customer Engagement Interest Group Pre-Conference Meeting
Presented Nov. 15, 2018 before the 38th PLMA Conference Austin, TX

See 38th PLMA Resources for presentation links

Customer Engagement Interest Group Pre-Conference Meeting
Presented April 16, 2018 before the 37th PLMA Conference in Coronado, CA 

See 37th PLMA Resources for presentation links

Pre-Conference meeting at the 36th PLMA Conference in Cambridge, Mass. Nov. 13, 2017.
See agenda with presentation links.

Women in DM & Customer Engagement Joint Discussion: Journey to Understanding the Customer Experience
CLICK HERE to learn more and register and listen to the free recording

Founding Meeting, November 7, 2016, Delray Beach, Florida
The Group had its initial kickoff meeting during the pre-conference interest group meetings at the 34th PLMA Conference.

PLMA Interest Group membership is restricted to representatives from PLMA member organizations, but any organization is welcome to join PLMA. To add your name to this list and receive Group Communications, email [email protected].