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Idaho Power RFP: Bring Your Own Thermostat (BYOT) ProgramIdaho Power

Contact: Akoni Hinojosa – [email protected]

Posted February 2, 2023

IPC is seeking proposals from vendors in the demand response industry to add a BYOT option to IPC’s existing residential AC Cool Credit program. IPC’s preference would be to receive proposals containing optional levels of service and costs from which to choose, ranging from minimal required services (listed below) to a full turnkey solution. The primary focus is on a residential customer solution, however IPC would also welcome proposals related to a small commercial customer BYOT solution. While open to all proposals, IPC is most interested in a program where IPC would manage customer marketing, enrollment and incentive distribution, and the successful partner/vendor would manage verification of thermostat participation reporting and the communication to thermostats during events.

Idaho Power utilizes Zycus Supplier Network (ZSN) to manage our supplier base and to share e-sourcing events, so in order for you to receive the RFP upon its release, you will need you to register in our ZSN instance.

To create your account on ZSN use the following link:

Please remember to click the “Save & Submit” button to complete the registration process.

  • Please register promptly so IPC may add you to the bid event.
  • If your company already has an account with Zycus, you will still need to use the link above to register for Idaho Power’s instance on Zycus.

If you are not the correct individual within your organization to complete the corporate profile set-up, please forward this email to the appropriate person. The initial registration requires basic information, such as name, address, and email. Once the profile is started, additional contacts may be added. Be sure to update your time zone and date format as the default settings may not match your needs.

If you experience technical issues, please contact Zycus at [email protected]. There are also help videos and a Help link on the ZSN registration page.

Once logged in to ZSN, there are additional Help Videos available. If you have completed your registration and need help updating your profile, please contact Idaho Power’s ZYN support at: [email protected].


ESIG White Paper: Heat Pump-Friendly Cost-Based Rate DesignsESIG Report Cover

Posted February 2, 2023

Heat Pump-Friendly Cost-Based Rate Designs is one of eight white papers from ESIG’s Aligning Retail Pricing with Grid Needs Task Force. The task force examined ways that retail pricing may be used more widely and more efficiently to allow flexible demand to respond to grid needs as the role of demand becomes increasingly important for the reliability of the grid. It brought together experts in rate design and electricity markets, transmission and distribution planning and operations, consumer advocates, and others to explore current issues, potential solutions, and practical implementation challenges involved in utilizing the flexibility in price-sensitive loads.

All of the white papers can be found here.

A Summary of “Heat Pump-Friendly Cost-Based Rate Designs” by Sanem Sergici, Akhilesh Ramakrishnan, Goksin Kavlak, Adam Bigelow, and Megan Diehl

The economics of heat pumps relative to natural gas heating will be an important driver of customer adoption of these technologies and will determine the extent to which ambitious building electrification goals can be met in a timely manner. If the operating costs for heat pumps turn out to be favorable compared to the operating costs for natural gas equipment, it is possible to see a significant uptake of the heat pumps even before the technology cost declines. In this white paper, we examine the role of alternative “cost-based” and “cost-reflective” electricity rate designs in improving the economics of heat pumps by reducing their operating costs. We use a proprietary dataset of gas and electricity usage for 80 single-family residential customers of a large investor-owned utility for modeling customers’ electric and gas heating bills before and after electrification. We find that the operating cost gap is positive for all 80 customers under the default electricity rate (energy costs for operating the heating equipment are higher post-electrification). However, moving to one of the three alternative rates flips all 80 customers from a positive cost gap to a negative cost gap, in which energy costs for operating the heating equipment are lower post-electrification.

CLICK HERE to download the report.


Copper Labs Announces Launch of Neighborhood-Level DetectorCooper Labs

New offering provides utilities and customers near-real-time usage data from gas, electric and water meters without the need for costly retrofits

Posted January 26, 2023

BOULDER, Colo. — Copper Labs, a utility technology provider that supports gas, water and electric utilities, has announced that it has launched an innovative new neighborhood-level detector which wirelessly unlocks near-real-time data from existing utility meters at scale, and at a fraction of the time and cost of smart meter deployments. Copper’s pioneering hardware remotely captures data from hundreds of individual residential meters as frequently as once every 60 seconds and without the need for in-home equipment or Wi-Fi networks.  

“We are at a pivotal moment in the history of energy and resource management. Rising energy costs, supply constraints across the water, gas, and electricity sectors and a renewed focus on customer equity—combined with the need to rapidly decarbonize our world while responding to the impacts of a changing climate—are all putting unprecedented pressure on utilities,” said Dan Forman, CEO of Copper Labs. “Copper’s neighborhood-level detector empowers utilities and their customers with timely and actionable insights to meet evolving needs by remotely collecting near-real-time data from existing electric, gas, or water meters, eliminating the cost and disruption of new home metering infrastructure.”  

Utilities and their customers can use the data provided by Copper’s patented technology to better manage consumption, increase transparency, and prevent system overload. Copper’s mobile app empowers utility customers with personalized insights and alerts, and can provide timely information on carbon emissions, relevant utility rebate programs and optimal times for energy or water usage. Utilities can access the high-resolution data from a web portal and send customizable and targeted messages to customers, enabling new real-time demand management capabilities and a more personalized customer experience. And, because the neighborhood-level detector doesn’t require in-home Wi-Fi, it offers unique opportunities to help utilities better engage low- to moderate-income customers as well.

“Our new neighborhood-level detector represents a major leap forward in our ability to help utilities meet their goals at scale, and with the urgency the climate crisis demands,” said Forman. “By providing critical insights when they’re needed most, we can help utilities collaborate with their customers, conserve resources, and meet some of the most pressing challenges of our time.”          

CLICK HERE to read the full press release.


EnergyHub Job Opportunity: Associate Client Success ManagerEnergyHub

Located in Arizona

Posted January 25, 2023

EnergyHub empowers utilities and their customers to create a clean, distributed energy future. Our clients are real utilities managing the real electrical grid that enable the normal lives of millions of real people. Our mission is to keep the grid running reliably while enabling more renewable energy and reducing reliance on fossil fuel.

We are seeking an Associate Client Success Manager. EnergyHub’s Client Success team launches and operates best-in-class programs for electric utilities, helping them address grid challenges by engaging customers with connected devices. As an Associate Client Success Manager, you will support a Strategic CSM managing our Arizona client portfolio by assisting in program and platform launches, maintaining strong client relationships, and working closely with our sales, product, engineering, and marketing teams to help the client achieve their goals.

You will also support the client success team in developing strategic partnerships with other utility clients in the wider region. This includes handling foundational level operations and day-to-day processes during different points in the client life cycle.

This role is a great opportunity for someone looking to get started in, or progress on their journey with utility partnerships, and wants exposure to every stage in maintaining successful client relationships with the eye on fully managing client relationships themselves in the not-too-distant future. 

The successful candidate is a quick learner and proactive self-starter who is passionate about building relationships with clients and working with software products, has the ability to communicate data-driven messages to varying audiences, and consistently exercises sound business judgment.

Main Responsibilities

  • Support a Strategic CSM manage a cluster of our most important clients in Arizona, Including managing the launch of our platform and programs, building and maintaining strong operational client relationships, and serving as a trusted partner to your clients and our internal sales, product, engineering and marketing teams to maintain account health
  • Support the Client Success team in developing strategic partnerships with other utility clients in the wider region to grow the size of their programs
  • Be a trusted advisor by prioritizing program tasks/activities and using business judgment to balance internal needs with client goals
  • Gain insight into clients’ goals and design programs that support these targets
  • Creatively problem-solve when difficult situations arise and resolve operational obstacles
  • Act as client success advocate for program launches and manage multi-faceted programs with device partners, clients and internal teams
  • Ensure account activities are executed in a timely fashion in accordance with established standard operating procedure and assist client success team members in day-to-day tasks including taking notes during client calls
  • Prepare recurring client reports, analyze and present key results, facilitate meetings, and deliver nuanced technical and data driven messages to clients
  • Maintain consistent and frequent communication with an array of stakeholders including clients and device partners, to ensure efficient program implementation, review ongoing needs, and provide timely recommendations to help achieve program success
  • Develop knowledge of demand management, DERs (distributed energy resources), and the drivers of program success
  • Foster a deep comprehension of the product, service offerings and functionality to effectively communicate capabilities to clients, contribute to program design and provide training to client program teams

CLICK HERE to read more about the job and to apply.


Tantalus Systems Announces Preliminary 2022 Financial HighlightsTantulus

Anticipates reporting 23% revenue growth with record quarterly revenue and annual sales orders

Posted January 19, 2023

BURNABY, BC – January 19, 2023 – Tantalus Systems (TSX: GRID) (“Tantalus” or the “Company”), a company focused on helping build sustainable utilities for the future, is pleased to announce preliminary financial results for the quarter and year ended December 31, 2022. Tantalus believes that it will be reporting a strong quarterly and annual performance (as highlighted below) and is ending the year well-positioned for continued growth in 2023 as utilities accelerate smart grid investments.

“We started 2022 with the transformative acquisition of Congruitive to position Tantalus at the forefront of helping utilities prepare for the integration of microgrids, roof-top solar, storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure and ended the year with strong financial results including a record level of revenue generated in a quarter,” said Pete Londa, President & CEO of Tantalus Systems. “As we turn our sights towards 2023, we continue to witness improving visibility into our financial position, strong demand for our new TRUSense™ Gateway product offering and favorable tailwinds across the utility industry,” said Mr. Londa.

Summary of Highlights

  • Q4 Revenue: Estimated at US$12.0 million to US$12.2 million, representing the highest quarterly revenue in Tantalus’ history and approximately 60% growth over the prior year.
  • 2022 Revenue: Estimated at US$39.5 million to US$39.7 million, representing approximately 23% growth over the prior year.
  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)[1]: Estimated at approximately US$9.8 million as at December 31, 2022, representing approximately 13% growth over the prior year.
  • Q4 Adjusted EBITDA[2]: Estimated at positive US$0.075 million to US$0.15 million.
  • 2022 Adjusted EBITDA[3]: Estimated at (US$2.3) million to (US$2.5) million reflecting the Company’s investments in R&D initiatives.
  • Cash: US$5.9 million as of December 31, 2022 which is estimated to be sufficient to support ongoing operations and R&D investments, exclusive of US$0.7 million restricted cash.
  • Orders: The Company converted approximately US$42 million in orders from its sales pipeline, representing the highest order conversion for a calendar year in the Company’s history and year-over-year growth of approximately 12%.

CLICK HERE to read the full press release.

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