Ways to Get Involved at PLMA

PLMA places a high value on member leadership and welcomes member participation and contributions through a number of different and progressive volunteer opportunities. Volunteer time commitments and levels of responsibility vary depending upon the opportunity undertaken. The following three charts offer a summary of the possibilities. 

The Evolution of Volunteer Opportunities

Initially, most new PLMA members find it makes sense to get "the lay of the land," which often involves participating in PLMA in "listening mode." With greater familiarity, you may want to jump in further by actively networking, asking questions, and following up after webinars and events. From there, PLMA encourages our most actively involved members to help score conference presentation proposals and award nominations. There are also a number of leadership opportunities that come with greater PLMA experience; they range from co-chairing an interest group to mentoring a training and serving as a senior leader of the organization. 

Take a look at the opportunities below and if you'd like more information on volunteering, please contact Monica Hammond ([email protected]). 

Bar chart showing five ways to get involved with PLMA: Listen, Attend, Score, Co-Chair, Lead

Table for ideas to: Listen, Attend, Participate, Co-Chair, Lead in PLMA
List of PLMA Groups to Join