Membership Categories

The following membership categories are described in PLMA's Membership Policy:

Category A

Purchaser of DR Products and Services.

This category includes:

  • Regulated Public and Private Utilities
  • Cooperatively owned utilities
  • Retail Energy Marketers to Residential and Commercial customers
  • Government Organizations including Research Organizations, Labs, PUCs etc.
  • End Users of DR products and Solutions
  • A small organization with up to 3 employees, including individual or other entities that can document their qualification for this category

Note: Where organizations are both suppliers and users of DR products, then they shall be in Category B.


Category B

Supplier of DR products and services.

This category includes:

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Solution Providers
  • Consultants
  • Curtailment Service Providers
  • Other Companies that have a stakeholder interest in the DR market segment

Category C

Academic institutions engaged in training Demand Response & Energy Efficiency industry professionals.

This category includes:

  • Accredited Colleges and Universities.

It does not include consulting firms, industry trade organizations, etc.

Membership Policy Guidelines

The following guidelines have been incorporated to address specific discussions.

  • Each member organization shall have only one registered name in the PLMA directory and membership list.

  • Holding Companies. A company shall join at the level that best matches their organizational needs. A holding company may join and have the holding company name registered. A different holding company may decide to have each interested operating company have its own membership.

  • Registered Company. A company shall be categorized based on the registered name and primary business of that registered name. If a holding company has both a Category A company and a Category B company, then the membership category shall be defined by the registered organization name.