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Piclo launches grid flexibility solution in Australia through partnership with CitiPower and Powercor


Posted March 22, 2024

London, 19 March 2024 – Piclo, the global marketplace for flexibility services and market access, has been chosen by leading distribution network service providers (DNSPs) CitiPower and Powercor, to deliver the cloud-based local flexibility platform in Victoria, Australia. This marks Piclo’s entry into the Australian energy market.

As Victoria continues its rapid energy transition, with population growth, home electrification, and rise of EVs, the need for grid flexibility has never been more important. 

Piclo’s flexibility marketplace, Piclo Flex, enables network service providers such as Powercor to source flexible electricity from sellers during times of high demand or low supply. This not only helps to remove constraints and reduce the costs for networks to serve customers, but also supports in the decarbonisation of grids, providing flexible electricity over expensive bulk power from traditional coal or gas powered sources. 

CitiPower and Powercor deliver electricity to around 1.27 million Victorian homes and businesses in Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD), inner suburbs, and about two-thirds of regional Victoria. By partnering with Piclo, CitiPower and Powercor will further explore third party options to solve network constraints, seeking flex capacity across their networks.      

Piclo CEO and Co-founder, James Johnston, said:

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with CitiPower and Powercor, which signals our launch into Australia, as the country continues to embrace a rapid energy transition and the potential of distributed energy resources. This represents a significant milestone for Australia as it embarks on its flexibility journey..”

CitiPower and Powercor Head of Network Planning, Andrew Dinning, said:

“Having seen Piclo’s work with other networks internationally, we’re excited to partner with them in 2024. This project will help to further develop our own capabilities as a Distribution System Operator and open more of our network constraints to build the market for flex in Australia.”

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Leap Unveils New Platform Capabilities to Scale Virtual Power Plants


2024 winter product release introduces new features to empower technology companies to grow their virtual power plant customer revenue three times faster.

Posted March 22, 2024

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2024 - Leap, the leading virtual power plant (VPP) platform, announced today the launch of new product functionalities to unlock additional value for distributed energy resource (DER) technology companies and crucial flexible support for the electric grid. Leap’s latest product release includes advanced features to simplify customer enrollment and further automate VPP operations for its 80+ technology partners. 

“Successfully authorizing customer DERs to transact in energy programs is one of the major hurdles preventing VPPs from scaling,” said Susie Dirks, VP of Product and Engineering at Leap. “Leap’s 2024 winter product release focused on reducing friction throughout the customer enrollment process, enabling our partners to easily identify what they need to do to ready their VPP portfolios ahead of the critical summer season.”

Featured in the release is a new Actions Dashboard, providing increased visibility into the steps required to integrate DERs into demand response and other grid services programs. The release also includes a streamlined user experience for Leap Connect, an app that reduces complex utility authorization processes into a few simple clicks for customers, as well as new customizations for embedding the app in customer recruitment campaigns. 

As part of the updates, Leap has expanded its API suite to include new automation capabilities for integrating DERs and reengaging customers during the authorization process. Automation is key to VPP customer growth: Leap’s API-integrated partners grow their VPP portfolios and revenue three times faster than non-integrated peers. 

“Leap’s software solution complements Energy Toolbase’s suite of products to help our customers maximize grid services revenue streams,” said Nathan Gutzmann, Product Manager, Acumen EMS at Energy Toolbase. “We’re excited to leverage Leap’s new functionalities across a variety of geographies and programs to capture the full financial, sustainability and grid resilience benefits of virtual power plant deployment during the peak summer season.”

Leap’s new product capabilities are available for use now by Leap partners. All released items will be showcased in Leap’s upcoming webinar. 

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OtterTail Power Job Opportunity: Senior Product Manager

OtterTail Power

Posted March 8, 2024

We have an opening for a Senior Product Manager. Our company’s commitment is to environmental, economic, and community stewardship and we balance each decision we make with the impact it has on our friends and neighbors.

We’re proud to offer innovative products that meet the energy needs of our customers. To help us continue expanding our offerings, we’re in search of a product manager to lead the development of customer facing load management programs.

For this role, we prefer a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in product design or engineering, or 5 years of relevant experience. Requires knowledge of marketing principles, emerging customer technologies, energy markets, market research, and project management. Also requires knowledge of utility operations, including customer service operations, resource planning, and budgeting. Must be a self-starter, able to work alone and in large teams; have the ability to manage multiple projects - prioritization, planning and task delegation; execute and deliver results by influencing people and business teams.

Selected candidates will be required to complete a pre-interview assessment.

Successful applicant will develop and manage load management programs and strategies for the Company.  Drive the execution of all processes in the product lifecycle, including product and market research, competitor analysis, planning, positioning, requirements and roadmap development, and product launch. Research and understand emerging customer technologies and how they integrate with both energy markets and Company load management systems.

We offer a competitive wage and benefit package. Position is located in beautiful Fergus Falls, MN and offers hybrid work opportunities. We’ll accept applications through March 15, 2024.

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EnergyHub and Toyota Collaborate to Support the Electrical Grid and Improve EV Ownership Experience


Posted March 6, 2024

(New York) March 6th, 2024 – EnergyHub announces that they are collaborating with Toyota Motor North America (Toyota) to improve the electric vehicle (EV) ownership experience. A direct integration with EnergyHub’s platform enables Toyota and Lexus drivers to take advantage of certain utility programs designed to reduce the cost of charging for EV customers, while helping utilities ensure grid reliability and accelerate decarbonization.

Shifting EV charging load away from times of peak electricity demand helps keep the grid reliable and can enable utilities to defer infrastructure investments that would otherwise be needed to meet increased demand for electricity as transportation electrification accelerates. This helps keep rates low for all customers.

“Our collaboration with Toyota is a key milestone in EnergyHub’s effort to maximize customer choice through the largest ecosystem of EV OEM and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) partners,” said Matt Johnson, VP of Business Development at EnergyHub. “This integration accelerates our work to improve the overall EV ownership experience, while unlocking grid service value for our utility clients.”

Customers of utilities that partner with EnergyHub can access several types of EV programs, depending on what is available for their vehicles, including managed charging, vehicle-to-grid, EV-specific time-of-use rates, off-peak rebates, and EV data programs designed to support infrastructure planning. This allows EV owners to unlock rebates to offset the price of installing eligible EV charging equipment and incentives for shifting charging based on system-wide and localized grid constraints.

“Empowering our Toyota and Lexus EV customers with cost-effective energy solutions that reduce emissions and contribute to the grid underscores Toyota’s commitment to sustainable mobility,” said James George, General Manager, EV Charging Solutions at Toyota. “Our collaboration with EnergyHub is an important step forward in enabling an exceptional customer experience within a home energy ecosystem.”

CLICK HERE to read the article. Group Integrates Rolling Energy Resources Under US Operations, Enhancing its EV Charging Optimization Platform

ev energy

Posted March 5, 2024

LONDON UK, 05 MARCH 2024:, the leading provider of smart charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) announced today the integration of Rolling Energy Resources (RER) under its US operating arm.

The deal, closed February 2024, expands’s growing ecosystem of transport and energy partners, advancing its critical role in making EV charging cheaper for drivers while optimising the power system. The transaction follows’s recent announcement of $41m awarded by the California Energy Commission to scale incentive-based EV programs in the region.

The integration marks a significant milestone in both the companies' mission to revolutionise EV charging and support grid stability. Combining RER's deep expertise in customer EV program design and evaluation with’s world-leading driver experience, they deliver unparalleled value through a unique platform and services for their growing list of utilities, vehicle OEMs, charger manufacturers and drivers worldwide.

Nick Woolley, Founder and CEO of, noted, "We are thrilled to welcome Rolling Energy Resources into the Group. Together, I’m convinced we can deliver more value to the transport and energy sectors than either of us could do apart. I’m particularly excited to collaborate with Scott, his team and their partners to deliver a lasting positive impact on the planet as a new combined company.”

Rolling Energy Resources (RER) collaborates with utility partners throughout North America, including Duke Energy, Eversource, and  PSEG, to implement a diverse range of managed charging programs. The combination of deep expertise and recognized thought leadership from both RER and teams will accelerate solutions for the rapidly developing market.

"In aligning with the exceptional team at, we enhance our ability to rapidly optimize the grid of today and tomorrow through innovative EV charging strategies, while delivering cost savings for EV drivers and a significant reduction in vehicle environmental impact," states Scott Dimetrosky, CEO of Rolling Energy Resources. Dimetrosky also commented "This positions us as the leading organization in North America and Europe to guide utilities, consumers, and businesses in navigating the future of transportation."

For more information about and its suite of smart charging solutions, visit

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