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In preparation for PLMA's second major EV Symposium, to be held this summer in Chicago, IL, we invite industry practitioners to submit relevant proposals on EV impacts to the grid for Symposium sessions including presentations, discussions, workshops, and other formats. Please note this event is scheduled for August 13-14, 2024 and will consist of two half-day sessions: 

Day One's Focus: Today’s learnings and experiences with EV managed charging, V2X applications, and other EV load management applications.
Day Two's Focus: Tomorrow's challenges to achieving widespread EV load management.

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Presentation Proposal 

PLMA's Call for Presentation Proposals is Open from March 11 to April 1, 2024
Hosted in Chicago, Illinois, this Symposium will address important learning, opportunities, challenges, and next steps to ensure the successful implementation of EV managed charging. We expect to welcome more than 200 industry professionals to this Symposium.

Additional information available on this page:
Tips for Submitting a Successful Presentation Proposal
Completing your Presentation Proposal
Important Note about Symposium Deadlines
Volunteering to Score Symposium Presentation Proposals

Tips for Submitting a Successful Presentation Proposal

PLMA is searching for exceptional proposals from across the energy and auto industries that explore lessons learned and experiences to date with EVs and flexible load management programs, as well as knowledgeable and well-founded discussions of the unresolved challenges that must be solved to ensure the widespread adoption of EVs. PLMA highly values proposals that include participation by utilities, consumers, and other market actors. Please, no sales pitches.

Presentations of any length or style will be considered with preference for 30 to 45-minute interactive sessions, or 90-minute workshops, in which up to one third of the time is reserved for audience discussion. All topics and presenters will be considered, however PLMA especially values sessions having specific, actionable ties to flexible load management, demand response, and/or distributed energy resources, as follows:   

  • Passive vs. Active Managed Charging
  • V2G Applications (Today's demonstrations and planned pilots)
  • Shared Charging Infrastructure (Workplace and Multifamily Settings)
  • Locations of the Charging Management Intelligence -- Telematics vs. Charger
  • Impacts to Distribution Utility Assets -- Planning/Sizing/Management
  • Impact Analysis: Actuals vs. Counterfactuals
  • End of Life Plans: Reuse, Recycle, Utilize as Energy Storage Applications
  • Delivering a Driver-Centric Managed Charging Experience
  • Orchestration Between Automakers, EVSEs, Utilities, Solution Providers
  • Customer Acquisition Challenges and Opportunities
  • Programs/Applications involving fleets of Electric Vehicles 
  • Extending Lessons Learned in Residential Programs to the Commercial Applications
  • Medium and Heavy-Duty Electric Trucks/Buses

Completing your Presentation Proposal:

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Presentation Proposal

PLMA's submission form requests information about your presenters, your topic, its relevance to PLMA's Symposium audience, and learning objectives. 

Proposal acceptance decisions will be made by PLMA's Symposium Taskforce on May 2, 2024.

If your proposal is selected, the presenters you identified will receive an invitation to present at the PLMA EV Symposium, together with a discounted registration code. All presenters MUST register for and plan to attend the Symposium to confirm their acceptance to speak.

Presenters are responsible for their own conference registration cost, travel, and if applicable, hotel expenses.

All presenters must agree to comply with the PLMA Presenter Policy and Code of Conduct.

Important Note about Symposium Deadlines

PLMA deeply appreciates everyone's best efforts to adhere to all Symposium deadlines as they make it possible to complete the event planning process accurately and on-schedule without significantly over-taxing our volunteer leaders and staff.  

As such, ensuring your session proposal is presented at the Symposium is conditional upon meeting the speaker deadlines listed below. Missing these deadlines, or being unresponsive to PLMA staff requests, will unfortunately result in the removal of your session from the agenda.

  • June 7: All speakers and co-presenters must be registered to attend the Symposium. 
  • June 7: A current speaker bio and headshot portrait must have been sent to Monica Hammond.
  • July 11: All draft slides must have been submitted for review to the Symposium Co-Chairs and PLMA Staff. 
  • July 25: All rehearsals and presentations must have been practiced, reviewed, and finalized.

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Presentation Proposal
Deadline to Submit: Monday, April 1, 11:59 pm PT

Volunteering to Score Presentation Proposals:

As is customary, PLMA member practitioners are invited to serve as volunteer proposal scorers. This task requires reviewing and scoring submissions based on a list of criteria that includes industry relevance and the engaging nature of the presentation's approach. If you would like to help with scoring, but have submitted your own presentation proposal, you can still score by recusing yourself from scoring your own or your organization's specific proposal. 

Please email Monica Hammond if you'd like to volunteer to help score the EV Symposium Presentation Proposals.
This is about a four- to six-hour time commitment. Thank you!

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