Elexity Announces New Energy Storage Solution


Elexity Launches Energy Storage Offering for Commercial Buildings

Posted May 24, 2024

Elexity now offers a complete energy management software solution that enables commercial building operators to manage their storage systems. The new product pairs Elexity’s proven demand management technology with an advanced EMS system. 

Our energy management software is now fully integrated with Chint Power Systems (CPS) America’s energy storage product line, and available to solar and energy contractors serving the commercial market with lead times of as little as eight weeks. Available sizes are 125 kW and 250 kW, in both 2hr and 4hr configurations, and customers can procure the complete solution directly from Elexity.

The completed integration follows our announcement of the partnership with CPS last fall.

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"Energy management for commercial buildings is most effective when all energy assets can be coordinated by a single automation solution, which we now offer to our customers,” said Casey Miller, Elexity’s CEO. “Our unique load control plus battery management solution drives best in class savings for customers and gives them control over fast rising electricity costs.”

Using true economic optimization, the Elexity EMS can handle all types of tariffs, dynamic real-time pricing (e.g. - day-ahead hourly pricing), and can perform demand charge management, TOU arbitrage, and automate demand response, making it easy to participate in virtual power plants and grid service programs like DSGS.

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