Piclo to launch new flexibility platform, Piclo Max, transforming access to global electricity markets

  • Piclo Max will unlock global electricity market visibility and access, and maximise revenue stacking opportunities for flexibility sellers, from a single place.
  • Piclo Max will be rolled out in 2024, initially in the UK, targeting renewables, battery and electric vehicle (EV) operators amongst others.
  • The platform has generated significant interest across the UK’s market operators and experienced flex sellers.

Posted November 27, 2023

London, UK, 23 November 2023 – Piclo, the world’s leading flexibility marketplace provider, has today announced its plans to launch a new market access platform, “Piclo Max”, offering sellers and buyers of flexible electricity a one stop shop for all electricity markets globally.

Piclo Max will be rolled out in 2024, starting in the UK, to simplify and unlock broader electricity market access for flexibility service providers. The platform matches sellers of surplus electricity (or flex sellers) to system operators (or flex buyers), enabling an increasingly thriving flexibility market. Piclo Max responds to widespread calls from flex sellers to tackle barriers to market entry and represents a significant step towards a fully flexible electricity system.

CEO of Piclo, James Johnson said: “The launch of Piclo Max will be a crucial step in our mission to decarbonise grids. We are incredibly excited to take electricity and flexibility markets to the next stage, building on our track record in the UK, Europe and the US. We’ve already seen strong commitments from industry leading flex sellers, who, like us, want to make real strides towards a more aligned UK electricity market. Flexibility is a tangible, viable tool for decarbonisation, today. It is a proven tool for efficiently balancing the grid and reducing the cost of future grid reinforcement, globally, delivering immediate value for our customers and wider society.”

Flex buyers or System Operators (SOs) in the UK include National Grid ESO (who is responsible for national system balancing and resolving transmission grid constraints) and six distribution network operators (who are responsible for the last mile of electricity delivery and need access to flexibility to manage bottlenecks on the local grid). Flex sellers typically own and operate ‘distributed’ energy resources – including renewables generation, batteries and EVs – that are capable of responding to SO requests and modifying their electricity generation or consumption accordingly.

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