Robin Maslowski, Vice Chair

Robin Maslowski

PLMA Title: Vice Chair

Company: Guidehouse
Company Title: Director
Years with PLMA: 8
Years in the Industry: 14

How Did You Become a Member of PLMA's Leadership Team?

My path within PLMA started by helping co-found PLMA’s Women in Demand Management interest group. Since then, I joined the Executive Committee, helped launch PLMA’s Spark DER Innovation strategic initiative, and ran for Vice Chair. 

Subject Matter Expertise / Areas of Knowledge:

  • In my day job, I co-lead a team that develops customized and standardized analytics to drive the energy transition across
    • customer programs
    • mobility/transportation
    • decarbonization and resiliency
    • grid modernization
    • and asset investment planning
  • My primary areas of expertise are in
    • DER forecasting
    • potential studies
    • program design
    • and cost effectiveness, with a focus in flexibility and load management

Getting to Know You Outside of Work

Where are you located: Portland, OR

Favorite book / author: I read The Economist the most these days…

Favorite band/ group / artist: Depends on the day – top genres include electronic, hip hop, classical, and indie

Favorite foods: Tacos

Favorite TV show(s): Queen’s Gambit (in the past year at least)

Favorite movie(s): Princess Bride

What do you play / do in your free time: Running, rock climbing, traveling, music

What's your "one thing" that you bring to your work to motivate you? Passion for sustainability and driving the clean energy transition

How would you suggest others get involved with PLMA:
Volunteer for whatever sounds interesting!

Ask me about:
Mezcal and mountains

Contact Info:
LinkedIn | Email