Presque Isle Electric & Gas (PIE&G) Chooses OATI's webSmartEnergy AMIoT™


Minneapolis, MN: August 31, 2020 - After a successful pilot, OATI is pleased to announce Presque Isle Electric & Gas (PIE&G) has chosen OATI to fully roll out a LoRa-based network infrastructure, including OATI’s webSmartEnergy AMIoT™ Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Head End system to collect electric and gas meter readings from 46,000 meters across its 2,300 square mile service territory.

OATI AMIoT™ is a disruptive AMI technology, poised to help cooperative utilities become leaders in the next generation of smart metering. This next generation, IoT-based AMI packaged solution utilizes a LoRa-based network for the communication backhaul, encompassing a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) open protocol that provides bidirectional communications to the meters, and other devices, on the IoT network.

AMIoT™ is a highly cost-effective solution that also offers great flexibility to support a variety of use cases beyond AMI. The LoRa network takes advantage of open wireless and messaging communication protocols that allows utilities to add a multitude of LoRa-based devices such as smart agriculture, asset tracking, distribution automation, load management, and other sensing and control devices on the same network.

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