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Member Update, February, 2020

1. Register for 41st PLMA Conference in Scottsdale.  Agenda and hotel details are at www.peakload.org/41st-plma-conferen

Member Pipeline - Current member count is 165 organizations
- New Members: Connected Energy Limited 
- Lost Members: Bidgely, Northwestern Cooperative, Virtual Peaker

41st Conference, Scottsdale. Agenda is published at www.peakload.org/41st-conference-agenda.  

Publications.  Annual Report, Thought Leadership 2019 Compendium, and Award Winners Compendium are published at www.peakload.org/annual-report.

DR/DER Training Series, Los Angeles.  Southern California Edison will host the next PLMA Training Series the week of May 18 in their Irwindale, California facility outside Los Angeles.  The week-long series includes back-to-back presentations of the DR/DER Market Fundamentals 2-day course and DR/DER Program Design and Implementation 2-day course.  Details at www.peakload.org/demand-response-training

Distributech Member Meet-up.  96 people attended the meet-up breakfast in San Antonio.  

Resource Directory Updates. Most recent additions are: PLMA Thought Leadership 2019 Compendium; 16th PLMA Award-Winning Initiatives Compendium; Trends and Opportunities in Residential Energy Management webinar recording.  Access at www.peakload.org/resources

Member News. PLMA posts news, RFPs, job postings, etc. on PLMA website at no cost as a member benefit.  Newest posts are: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Surveys Building Operators; and 29% of US broadband households plan to purchase a smart thermostat in 2020.  Access at www.peakload.org/news  

Calendar of events is at: www.peakload.org/calendar and here are some other upcoming activities:
Feb. 27 - Dialogue: Utility Dive Survey, Larry Pearl & Michael Brown 
March 19 - Dialogue: Promise & Progress of Integrated EE & DR Programs, Dan York & Olivia Patterson
April 20, 6 p.m. - Spring Board Meeting, Scottsdale (invitation only)
April 20-22 - 41st PLMA Conference, Scottsdale
April 22-23 - ULME Fall Meeting, Scottsdale
April 29 - Gulf Coast Power Association Conference presentation by Michael Brown 
May 18-22 - PLMA Demand Response Training Series, Irwindale, Calif.
Nov. 9-11 - 42nd PLMA Conference, Baltimore