Smartenit Launches Next Generation of Connected DER Load Controllers



Smartenit, an IoT solutions pioneer focused on energy and water, introduced its new line of 50A, smart load controllers. The line shares some common specifications: 120-240VAC/50A rating, 1% electrical metering, long life relays, small (4.5”X3.5”X2.25”) size, indoor/outdoor readiness, and ultra-low power consumption even while energized. Wireless connectivity choices (LTE-M, NbIoT, ZigBee 3.0, WiFi, LoRa and BLE) cover a wide range of applications in smart cities, single and multi residential units, commercial buildings, agriculture, etc.

The load controllers enable utilities and ISOs flexible execution of DER programs for large electrical loads such as electric water heaters, pool pumps, booster pumps and submersible well pumps. Features include independent local scheduling, line frequency deviation detection, fail-safe timers, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, and Smart Energy handling of Price and DR signals. As well as being supported and fully compatible with the Smartenit ElekNet infrastructure, the devices are easily integrated with existing platforms through an open, flexible and mature API.

About Smartenit

Smartenit provides ElekNet – a complete IoT framework that integrates the full spectrum from embedded device firmware to cloud services and mobile and desktop applications for complete end-to-end solutions. ElekNet is designed to operate with and without cloud services (with a local gateway/hub) to enable mission critical operations with local or AMI networks. Smartenit is focused on practical and cost-effective solutions for energy and water in rural, urban and suburban areas. Please visit for more information