PLMA Board Update

To:          Staff of Member Organizations listed at
Subject:  Member Update, January 3, 2018


1. Reset your password at the new website! The new website is designed to help you stay connected with others in the member community. Your Username is still - - but you will need to reset your password when you login for the first time.  Enter your username and click "Forgot Your Password?" at click here to reset, then you may sign in as usual. While you are logged in, please update your profile (it is searchable by others in the community to help people find you)!

2. Submit a session to present at the 37th PLMA Conference, April 16-18, Coronado, Calif.  Deadline is Jan. 5 and details are at

3. Note that all future PLMA email correspondence will originate from [email protected] to comply with anti-spam regulations.  

Pipeline - current member count is 133 organizations
- New Members: Alectra Solutions, Advanced Energy, Energy Federation
- Lost Members: Belmont Light

36th/Cambridge Conference. Overview video posted at Final registration was 308 people which was a significant increase over past "record high" attendance of 234 people.   

37th/Coronado Conference. Opened attendee/sponsor registration at, and launched call for presenters at

Mark Kerbel, Encycle.  PLMA donated $100 to UCSD Cancer Center in his memory.   


Dec. 4 - Jan. 5 - 37th Conf Call for Presenters
Jan. 15 - Mar. 5 - 15th PLMA Awards Call for Nominations
Jan. 23 - Member Meet-up @ Distributech 2018, San Antonio
Jan. 23-25 - Distributech 2018, San Antonio
Jan. 24, 2pm - PLMA Award Winners Mega Session @ Distributech
April 16-18, 2018 - 37th PLMA Conference, Coronado, Calif.