Why Some US Electric Utilities are Experimenting with Flat-rate Pricing


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Cell phones. Data plans. Movie and music streaming. Home energy bill?

The subscription craze has finally reached electric utilities in the US. At least three companies are testing a new billing model that charges users a flat monthly rate regardless of how much electricity they consume. Utilities are hoping it ushers in the era of a more efficient, greener grid.

How electricity bills work

For more than a century, electricity bills came in one flavor: pay per kilowatt-hour. Initially, that price was fixed. But in the 1970s, US utilities began to experiment with dynamic pricing models, in which the cost per kilowatt-hour varied throughout the day depending on demand, similar to surge pricing on a ride-share app. In theory, dynamic pricing allows utilities to avoid switching on high-cost “peaker” plants, typically fueled by natural gas, and promotes energy and cost efficiency across the system.

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